The Community Buzz

The Carpenter’s House provides a safe refuge for children who come from orphanages in third-world countries, many of whom have experienced dismal poverty, near starvation or suffer from life-threatening medical conditions that cannot be adequately treated in their home country.

More than three decades later, 140 abandoned, displaced, underprivileged and medically needy children have experienced love and compassion at The Carpenter’s House. Today, Pat and Linda continue to serve as founders, directors, caretakers and — most importantly — Mom and Dad to all the children who call The Carpenter’s House “home.”

Through the Love of the Carpenters House Ministry these success stories will touch your heart.

United States Army

Brandon has been in the Army for a number of years and is making a career of the military

United States Air Force

Peaches is in the Air Force and doing well.

Nursing Degree

Lissa is a Certified RN and will full-time employment.

Rosie and William have graduated high school.

Rosie and William are graduating high school; Tiana is graduating the 6th grade.

3 of the other younger children are on the honor roll at their schools

Please keep in prayer all the home bound children with health issues.